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Looking to spice up your opening on stream?? You’ve landed on the right page!

**The Wheel Spin is an Add-On item only to your existing Stream purchase, and has a limit of 3 Spins per person per stream.**

The Prize Wheel is a 14 Slot prize wheel, with prizes ranging from $5 - $200+. The prize wheel will have a Vintage (10+ years old) pack at all times. Other prizes will rotate from stream to stream, including, but not limited to ETBs, XY Era Packs, Generations Packs, Graded Cards, Collection Boxes, and other items.

**Please note that 10 of the 14 slots will be a modern Pack**

Wheel will be spun live during your opening. No specific prize is guaranteed. All items on the wheel will be opened on stream along with your purchase. Wheel spins are not eligible for a refund.

Good luck, and see you on stream!!

All packs will be opened live on our next twitch stream, and all cards will be shipped to you after the stream.

Twitch stream schedule below:

Mondays 6:30 PM PST

Saturdays 6:30 PM PST

WHEEL SPIN! - ADD-ON ITEM ONLY - Read Description

  • Returns not accepted for this item.

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