• Batman PS2 - 1.jpg

    Standing at a whopping 5 feet tall, a fully functioning PlayStation 2 disguised as the Caped Crusader!

    Batman PS2

  • Millenium Falcon N64 - 1.JPG

    Play your Nintendo 64 classics in light speed!

    Millennium Falcon N64

  • Millenium Falcon SNES - 14.jpg

    Play your Super Nintendo classics in light speed!

    Millennium Falcon SNES

  • Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet-1.JPG

    Our hand-built Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet is a completely wireless and fully functioning mini arcade for the Nintendo Switch.

    Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet

  • Pokemon SNES - 1.jpg

    The year is 1998, you purchased your copy of Pokémon Red/ Blue. You played it for countless hours and asked yourself, what would it be like to play on tv? You waited and waited and waited for an SNES release of the classic games, but sadly, it never happened….till now!

    Pokemon SNES

  • Wii-U-R2-D2-Star-Wars-13.JPG

    The Skywalker’s preferred method of gaming! This life sized R2D2 is a Wii U in disguise.

    Wii U R2D2

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