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Los Angeles


Summer of 2012, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unable to deal with my mother's illness, I turned to Retro Video Games to occupy my mind. I decided to try my hand at my very first custom, a Mario themed Snes. Inspired by my mother's love for crafts, my customs became more and more intricate, some of which you can find in our gallery.


Inspired by my mother's keen eye for detail and quality, I ensure that all of our products embody that same excellence. From the quality fabrics of our Apparel, to the attention to detail of our customs and limited releases, we promise you a quality that is second to none. Though Nadia passed away January 1st 2016, her influence lives on through Retro Now!


Instagram:  @Retro_Now_Apparel

Instagram: @Retro_Nintndo

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