Special contains the following 16 Packs:

Pokémon Celebrations (2 Packs)
Pokémon Fusion Strike (2 Packs)
Pokémon Chilling Reign (2 Packs)
Pokemon Vivid Voltage ( 2 Packs)
Pokémon Battle Styles (2 Packs )
Pokémon Evolving Skies (2 Packs)
Pokémon Darkness Ablaze (2 Packs)
Pokémon Rebel Clash (2 Packs)

All packs will be opened live on our next twitch stream, and all cards will be shipped to you after the stream.

Twitch stream schedule below:

Mondays 6:30 PM PST
Saturdays 6:30 PM PST


Pokémon Sword and Shield 16 Pack Variety

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