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BATTLE OF FIRE AND ICE!! Leave a comment for which packs you think will have more hits (Ex/ V or better) , “FIRE” or “ICE” at check out. If you guess correctly, you’ll be awarded wheel spin on the prize wheel!

Special contains the following 12 Packs


Pokemon Shining Fates (2 Packs)

Pokemon Brilliant Stars (2 Packs)

Pokemon Obsidian Flames (2 Packs


Pokemon Silver Tempest (2 Packs)

Pokemon Chilling Reign (2 Packs)

Pokemon Paradox Rift (2 Packs)

All packs will be opened live on our next twitch stream, and all cards will be shipped to you after the stream.

Twitch stream schedule below:

Mondays 6:30 PM PST

Fridays 6:30 PM PST

Fire VS Ice BATTLE! * Pokemon 12 Pack Variety. Read Description For Bonus Game*

Only 1 left in stock
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